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Recording Insects

Why Record Insects?

Recording is essential for establishing the characteristics of any insect population and community. Common species can be used as indicators to show changes over time in the local environment, essential information if action is required at the local, national and international level.

Insect populations and distributions are constantly changing making records out of date very quickly, so new records are required all the time to keep track of what is going on.

What Information Is Needed?

Recording is easy. Essentially four vital pieces of information are required to make a good record:

  • What was seen - the species name, scientific name if possible
  • Where it was seen - the location name and an Ordnance Survey six figure grid reference
  • The date the insect was seen
  • The name of the recorder (you!)

Modern digital cameras take extremely good close up pictures of insects and photographs are very useful in confirming identification. Any other information about the site or individual, such as the behaviour of the insect, is very welcome.

Send Us Your Records

Telling us about what you have seen is easy, just put the details on an email and send it to or click here

All records submitted will be entered on a computer database and used for nature conservation, research and education. Records may be passed on to other recorders where appropriate.

All records remain the property of the individual recorder unless otherwise stated.

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Elephant Hawk Moth, Littleover, Derby. Photo © N.Ward